Journal Sunday, July 15

4 strips of bacon
2 eggs scrambled with cheese
1 cup coffee with 2 Tbsp heavy cream

Late Lunch/Early Dinner
salad with spring greens mix, cucumber, tomato, bacon bits, sliced almonds, handful of shredded jack cheese, Asian shrimp, ginger dressing

(out at Franklin's Brewery in Hyattsville)
1 draft beer- I tried to pick a light one but I'm sure it still had 10 or so carbs.  Not so bad because I've had a pretty good day so far, and I went to the gym.
1 lamb sausage burger topped with tzatziki sauce, threw away bun (split with awesome boyfriend)

drank a bunch of water, but not as much as usual today

Gym today about 2 hours.

fish oil
raspberry ketones
B complex

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