Journal Saturday, July 14

Saturday was an epic fail because I stayed in bed all day.  I wish I had a good excuse for this other than my general laziness, but I don't.  Awesome boyfriend and I went to the drive in movie theater (triple feature!) on Friday night and stayed for the late late show because it was Men in Black 3 and we both really wanted to see it.  We got home around 4:00 AM, I think.  I was passing out at that point so I'm not sure.  I finally crawled downstairs around 4:00 PM on Saturday afternoon to get some water because I was really thirsty!  Needless to say, my meals were all wonky for the rest of the day.

Late Lunch
small bowl of mixed salad greens
topped with 1/2 C sliced strawberries
sunflower seeds, pine nuts
sliced cucumbers, sliced onions
no dressing

Super Late Dinner
(out at Stained Glass Pub in Elkridge*)
2 shots vodka served with soda water and 2 lime wedges
spinach dip with celery sticks
burger topped with pimento cheese, no bun

drank water but not as much as I should have

forgot supplements because I didn't wake up until the afternoon

Not my best day.  Back on track tomorrow.

*If you're in the area and looking for a good local bar I highly recommend this one.  The folks are friendly and the food is very good.  After 9 on Saturdays is happy hour so there are also cheap drinks.  We like to go there to play Keno, which is a super waste of money MD lottery game where you pick numbers that reset every 4 minutes.  There's also free bar trivia all the time that is usually fun.

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