Groceries Tuesday, July 31

Purchased from Giant Food in Columbia, MD on Centre Park Drive

  • bag lettuce Escarole blend: This lettuce is a little bit heartier than some of the other spring mixes and will keep for a few days in your fridge.  
  • salted peanuts in shell: Peanuts in the shell are a really great low carb snack. 
  • sugar free gum: gotta keep this in my purse for when I have a wayward sugar craving
  • cucumber: keep on hand
  • goat cheese: keep on hand, use in Goat Cheese Pecan Salad
  • Dannon light & Fit carb control in vanilla and strawberry: These little yogurts are my new favorite thing.  They are sweet and creamy and delicious, and only have 3 carbs each!

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