Getting caught up.

So, I logged in this morning and realized that I have not posted a food journal or a gym journal since Wednesday.  Eek!  Unfortunately, I cannot remember everything that I ate or did at the gym for the past four days, so I'm just going to hit the high points.
Chipotle salads are one of my favorite lunches.  

hot flax cereal
coffee with cream
salad from Chipotle
gym: cardio and weights

hot flax cereal
cottage cheese
coffee with cream
salad with fresh veggies and ginger dressing
out to dinner at Azul 17 in Columbia with awesome boyfriend
I love goat cheese.  
no gym today because I was getting my hair done after work

gym early morning: cardio and weights
lunch: salad with cucumber, tomato, bacon strips, chopped pecans, goat cheese, balsamic dressing
dinner: out at District Chophouse in DC:
handful of strawberries, cheese, and walnuts
chicken with lemon butter and sauteed mushrooms

bacon and egg
cajun blue cheese burger topped with muenster cheese and bacon strips
side salad with balsamic dressing and goat cheese
gym: one mile swim with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
small scoop of low carb ice cream after dinner

Phew!  I've invested in a little notebook that I can carry around in my purse to record my meals and my work outs.  That way if I can't post every day I'll have a better record of what I've eaten and what I've done in the gym.  Also, I will be able to offer you all more specific work outs that you can follow including weights and specific exercises.

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