Work Out Monday, July 16

Warm Up:
10 minutes of stretching, focus on legs and core
10 minute bike ride, medium pace, no resistance
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1 mile (about 30 minutes) on Cybex Arc Trainer (torture device) with medium to high resistance intervals

Lots of free weights (45 min or so)

Cool Down:
10 minute bike ride, medium pace, no resistance

  • The Cybex Trainer is one of my favorite pieces of work out equipment, and most gyms will have one. The resistance goes from 0 to 100 and it is a great way to do interval training.  I usually warm up with the resistance on 25, low interval resistance 50, high interval resistance 100, cool down resistance 25. At the end of this cycle I am pouring sweat and feeling good.  It's not something I will do every day as the intensity is high, but it is great for really good cardio once or twice a week.  
  • I haven't been writing down my weight training, but I really should be.  I'm going to start ASAP so that I can share progress with you all.  

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