Crock Pot Roast

This roast is pretty easy to make and also pretty tasty.  Roasts can get a little expensive, so I wait for them to go on sale at the grocery store and buy a couple.  Last week, they were 50% off, so of course I had to partake.  Awesome boyfriend and I ate this for dinner twice and also had leftovers to take to work once, so I would count on about 6 servings.  The leftovers were excellent, and I love a meal that reheats well.

2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 pack onion soup mix
3 pound roast
1 white onion
1 bag of baby carrots
1 Cup water


  1. Add soup cans, onion soup mix, and water to crock pot and stir with a whisk until you have a smooth consistency.  
  2. Add whole roast to crock pot and spoon the soup mix over the top with a ladle.  
  3. Slice onion into bite size pieces and add to crock pot alongside roast.  
  4. Add baby carrots to crock pot alongside roast.  
  5. Use a ladle or wooden spoon to make sure that vegetables are well mixed into sauce.  
  6. Cook on low for 8-9 hours.  

  • Don't try to cut cook time in half by cooking on high for 4 hours.  It won't work!  
  • Make sure to take it easy on the carrots and gravy when eating as they are both a little carb heavy.  Feel free to load up on onions and meat.  

Just throw the whole bag in there, no need to chop.  

This is what everything looked like when I was done prepping.  Veggies
and sauce are covering meat.  


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