Food Journal Sunday, August 26

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Today awesome boyfriend and I are going to Kegs and Corks wine and beer festival in Jessup, Maryland.  Most beers have a lot of carbs which means that today is a cheat day.  We will still try to do the best we can in terms of staying away from sugar and flour, but I'm not looking for tremendous results today.  

scrambled eggs with cheese and 2 sausage patties from McDonald's
coffee with heavy cream

6 raw oysters with horseradish, cocktail sauce, hot sauce, and lemons

Late Lunch
1 huge bratwurst slathered in sauerkraut (so good)

cheeseburger, no bun 

80 ounces

none today, we walked around the festival for some 3 hours, but no actual exercise

skipped thermogenics today due to festival
fish oil
vitamin D

We arrived at the festival around 12 noon and it was already raining.  Fortunately, the tasting areas were tented so we didn't get too wet.  My sneakers have survived to tell the tale but they are definitely worse for the wear.  I was excited to see that there was a booth with oysters and steamed shrimp.  The vendor was called Pro Shuckers, but I'm having a hard time finding any additional information about them online.  The oysters were huge and incredibly fresh.  

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The event was held at a venue called Blob's Park, and it is an interesting place.  It's themed like a Bavarian Beer Garden, complete with an Oktoberfest schedule and authentic German food.  Awesome boyfriend and I both had brats with sauerkraut which we inhaled because they were amazing.  

I didn't drink too much beer, but the ones that I did have were sweet and stout which means lots of carbs and special occasions only!  I stopped by Starhill Brewery twice, once to have a glass of The Love, and a second time for a Boxcar, a pumpkin flavored porter.  These two brews are both original to Starhill Brewery and both unique tastes that you won't find anywhere else.  

It started pouring in the afternoon around 3:30 and we had tasted everything by that point anyway so we decided to leave.  As soon as we got home I curled up in my bed with the puppies and took a much needed nap.

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Sunday was a big day because there was also a Panthers Game to watch at 8:00.  Awesome boyfriend and I donned our gear and headed to our favorite watering hole, the Greene Turtle.  I was done with alcohol for the day but I was really thirsty and ended up drinking 5 glasses of water.  I ate a cheeseburger, skipped the bun.  

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