Groceries Tuesday, August 7

Purchased at Giant Food on Centre Park Drive in Columbia, MD

mozzarella and tomato salad: I love this stuff.  They make it in my grocery store deli.  It's a great snack.  
2 pints grape tomatoes: also for tomato, onion, gorgonzola salad recipe
1 pouch Babybel cheese: keep on hand- I love to snack on these
1 red onion: also for tomato, onion, gorgonzola salad recipe
1 Dole Southwest salad kit: keep on hand- another staple for me
1 pound flank steak: for Balsamic London Broil recipe

Also, look at this Gladiolus!  These stems were on sale in the grocery store for $1.99.  Almost all of the buds were closed when I brought them home and bloomed in about two days.  I couldn't believe it.  Normally I never keep fresh flowers in the house unless we are having company because they are such a luxury item/waste of money, but there were too good of a deal to pass on.  

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