Food Journal Saturday, August 18

2 scoops of protein in water
eggs with 1 packet of ketchup
2 pieces of bacon
2 sausage links

(Breakfast and lunch at MBA orientation at Morgan State University)
salmon fillet stuffed with crab meat, shrimp, scallops
green beans
unsweet tea
The food at this place is very good.  If you are in the DC
area I highly recommend you stop by.  The one near my
house has a killer patio with an outside bar and live music.
image via

coffee with 2 Tbsp cream
diet pepsi

(out at Union Jack's with awesome boyfriend)
2 fried pickle spears with ranch dressing
1 lb mussels in some kind of spicy tomato sauce
2 servings vodka soda with lime wedges

didn't get enough water today

No gym again today- awesome boyfriend asked me out to dinner and a movie so we did that instead.

B Complex
fish oil
raspberry ketones

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