Work Out Thursday, August 9

Read the Paper
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"Shrink a Size in 14 Days" - Day 7

Strength Training
Hip Drop: 2 sets of 10 on each side
Beach Ball Hug: 3 sets of 10 on each side with 7.5 lb weights, add 20 butterfly kicks in between sets
Full Body Roll Up: 3 sets of 10 with 6 lb medicine ball
Breast Stroke: 4 sets of 10
Read the Paper: 3 sets of 10 with 3 lb weights

Speed Ladder:
1.36 total miles, 30 minutes, incline level 2.5, speeds ranging from 1.8 - 4.5 mph

I worked hard during the strength training portion last night and I was pouring sweat.  As someone who spent a large part of life running and swimming, I'm still amazed at how great of a workout I can get just lifting weights and walking.  I'm sore and tired this morning, especially in the shoulders and lower back.  I tried to use the 5 pound weights for Read the Paper but they were too heavy and I ended up switching back to the little guys.  I think that I was already so exhausted by that point that I just couldn't make it happen.  I measured this morning and the tape measure hasn't budged since last update, which is frustrating, but I'm going to keep moving along.  Halfway through the program!

Also, I'm sure this goes without saying but I do not look nearly as cute as the girl in these pictures when I'm working out.  My face gets really red and if I haven't removed my eye makeup sometimes it runs.  Also, my tummy roll bunches up and sits there staring at people when I am in these sit up positions.  Yee-haw!

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