Food Journal Friday, August 10

This pasta sauce is really tasty
and low carb.
image via
coffee with 1 Tbsp heavy cream
1 Babybel cheese round
1/4 C sunflower seeds in shell

1/2 of 1 bag of Dole Southwest Salad
1 bag of tofu noodles with leftover spaghetti meat sauce
1 Dannon Light & Fit carb control  yogurt in vanilla

(awesome boyfriend's dad came to town for the weekend!)
1 burger cooked on the grill
salad: mixed greens, broccoli, green pepper, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, ginger dressing, sliced almonds
1 scoop of warm crab dip with peppers and broccoli to dip
1 serving Haagen-Dazs minis in coffee flavor
several servings vodka with soda water and lime wedges

water at work, didn't do too well at home because I started on the liquor

No gym today.  I tried, but it was just too much with shopping and cooking for company.

raspberry ketones
fish oil

image via
B complex

  • These little ice cream cups are AMAZING.  They're tiny- only a few ounces.  They come with a little spoon in the top that I suggest you use because it will make you eat more slowly and savor the flavor. At my grocery store these mini cups were only $1 each  (score!) and the coffee flavor only has 18 carbs for the whole cup.  
  • Let me be really clear about this next part: I am in no way endorsing the idea of filling your freezer with these and having one every day.  18 carbs is still a lot, and will put you over your daily limit if your body is carb sensitive.  What I am suggesting is that if you have a special occasion that requires dessert, these are a much better choice than almost anything else you can pick up at the grocery store.  Plus, they're delicious.  

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