George Stella's No Flour, No Sugar Pancakes

This is one of the few recipes I've posted that I cannot take credit for.  Normally I don't write about other people's recipes that I try, but this one was so good that I had to share.  I don't know why I get so amazed every time I make baked goods without flour, but I do.  It's still hard for me to believe that almonds and flax seeds can puff up into pancakes.  Awesome boyfriend was quite skeptical when I told him that we were having pancakes for dinner, but we both loved this meal so much that we will be having it again soon.

So good you won't believe they are low carb.  

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This recipe was pulled from the Dr. Oz website, but it originally appeared in
the George Stella book that you see referenced above.  We skipped the cinnamon sprinkle
in favor of sugar free pancake syrup. 

Almond flour is basically just ground up almonds.  You should be able to
find it in your local grocery store.  I know that I've seen this particular
brand in Food Lion and in Giant.  

Almond flour.

Batter ready to go into the skillet.  

Secret weapon.  You have to order this online from Walden Farms, which
is a pain but worth it.  It really tastes like regular pancake syrup.  A lot of
the Walden Farms products are hit or miss.  I'm not a fan of the ketchup or
the spaghetti sauce, but this one is very good.  Keep an eye out because
sometimes they run coupons for buy one get one free, or free shipping.  

A word to the wise- these pancakes cooked much faster than regular
pancakes.  They only needed to rest a minute or so on each side.  I felt like
they were sticking to I kept applying cooking spray, which seemed to help.

My pancakes definitely did not look like the stack featured on the Dr. Oz
website, but no matter.  They were still delicious and filling.  

Serve with eggs and sausage patties for a good old fashioned
lumberjack breakfast.
(This actually ended up being too much food.  Because they have almonds
and flax, these pancakes are much more filling than the regular kind.)


  1. hi! I stumbled across your blog via a pin on Pinterest about the hot flax seed cereal... once I realized you were at low carb eater, I was sucked in! thank you for all that I have read so far, and I will continue my reading!

  2. Thank you so much for reading! Hot flax cereal is one of my favorites- as you can see, I have it almost every day. When I first started eating it, I was amazed at how it kept me full all morning. Please feel free to send suggestions, questions, or comments to my email.

  3. Where do you get hot flax cereal?